Guarantee the Future of Your Students

We insure the degrees of your students to ensure they have a future after they graduate. 

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Companies across the country trust Degree Insurance.

Enroll with Confidence

Motivate students to choose a school and degree that will align with their own incentives to finish college on time and rewards them with predictable future earnings.

  • Increase Enrollment
  • Improve Graduation Rates
  • Support The Most Vulnerable Populations
  • Guarantee Their Futures

Equal Payfor Equal Study

Colleges can now guarantee the outcomes of all their graduates, regardless of race, religion and gender for the 5 years following graduation. If a student earns less, we pay the difference.

Increased Enrollment Rates

Our guarantee gives students certainty in uncertain times.

Improved Graduation Rates

With the confidence to persist through to graduation, we are directly supporting students and furthering the mission of the colleges they are attending

Guaranteed Outcomes

Students will now see the value expected from various majors and specialties - directly giving students isight into the impacts of their educational path decisions.

Increased Graduation Rates

Financial aid today is selectively given to students and as a result, many students from middle-class families end up receiving low to no levels of financial support.

Improved University Finances

Showing incoming students the value of each degree up front helps define the true and quantified impact of a university degree from day one.

Let's Collaborate

We are stronger together. Thus, we are open to conversations around how our efforts might serve to amplify yours and vice versa. Please reach out.

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