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Reduce the Default Rate on Student Loans

Providing a minimum income threshold for college graduates will improve default rates in a couple ways.  First, it promotes graduation rates as students have increased confidence that the risk associated with high debt loads is justified by the guaranteed return on investment.  Second, in the event that an individual student does not have the desired outcome they’ll have a claim check coming that can be used to pay down the debt they have taken out.  We’d love to work together on research around the level of impact, how changes to measuring default rates (extending research to a 6 year window, to capture the impact of our product, etc.), and the degree to which insurance changes risk tolerance among colleges, their students, and graduates plays a role in future job success.  We are looking for partners with whom we can explore, write and publish.

Advantaging the Disadvantaged

Chronically disadvantaged students stand to benefit the most when you raise the floor of outcomes for all students. By providing the same benefits to every graduate, regardless of race or gender, we are working to ensure that graduates with the same degree get the same pay. We sometimes call this Equal Pay for Equal Study.  We are keenly interested in how we can address the gender pay gap, attainment gap for minorities, and how our product can be used to encourage enrollment at critical HBCU and MSIs.

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We are stronger together. Thus, we are open to conversations around how our efforts might serve to amplify yours and vice versa. Please reach out.

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