Ensure a PAYDAYfor all student athletes.

With Degree Insurance, a guaranteed income after graduation isn’t just for professional athletes anymore.

Degree Difference

Change the game with Degree Insurance

For the first time, you can give prospective student-athletes and their parents the assurance of a guaranteed income when they graduate.

Everyone Goes Pro

Set yourself apart by giving student-athletes a guaranteed payday when they graduate, and “go pro in something other than sports."

Increase GSR

An income guarantee provides student-athletes with a clear understanding of their future earnings, career possibilities and assures them of the ROI of a degree from your school.

Competitive Advantage

Be one of the first in the nation to provide prospective student-athletes & their parents with the guarantee that their financial outcomes post graduation are assured.

Decrease Transfer Risk

You can now, for the first time, give student-athletes (and their parents) the assurance of a guaranteed income when they graduate.

Athletes with a Guaranteed Future

Provided by the university, Degree Insurance is an earnings guarantee for the 5-years after a student-athlete graduates. The coverage level is determined by the major the student-athlete graduates with. If they don’t earn what is guaranteed over that period then Degree Insurance pays the difference.

“There are more than 460,000 NCAA student-athletes, and most of them will go pro in something other than sports.”


What Athletic Recruiting Might Look Like

Imagine being able to give all of your student-athletes the promise of a guaranteed Income. Telling your students that they will earn a minimum of $200,000 in the 5 years after they graduate sounds a lot like giving them a professional contract. This guarantee changes the recruiting conversation with student-athletes and their parents about outcomes after graduation.


American Dream Insurance is purchased most often by a college or university to guarantee the earnings of their students in the 5-years following graduation.

There is never a cost to the student.  Every college has a single premium price that covers all majors so that students remain free to change their majors as the grow and learn more about who they are becoming and what they want to do professionally. The price can change dramatically based on factors like a college’s graduation rates and the success of students in previous classes. A common benchmark is between $1000-4000 per student, one time.

American Dream Insurance covers you regardless of what you earn, or if you earn.  You are required to be seeking employment (which means meeting whatever your state’s requirements for unemployment insurance would be or would have been, had you qualified).  But if you are unable to find work, you’d be entitled to the maximum coverage.

Many colleges have transitioned to online, or hybrid course offerings, and here at Degree Insurance we are excited about the future opportunities for learning that provides.  When completed, whether your coursework was online or in person, your guarantee is the same.  You will not be punished for studying remotely.  We believe every student should be able to start their careers with a guarantee.

Making a claim is straightforward.  After each covered year, when you file your tax returns simply submit a copy to Degree Insurance through your portal.  If, after the 5-year covered period, your tax returns show that you were unable to earn the total amount that we had predicted and promised then we will pay your claim.

Graduate school is a great investment and we’re excited you’re looking into it. Going to graduate school does not void your policy.  As a student you’re covered for 5 working years after you graduate.  If, in that period, you choose to enroll in graduate school we simply “don’t count” those calendar years for the purposes of your earnings, and pick up your coverage in the years following graduate school.  As an example if you graduated in 2025 you’d have coverage in years 2026-2030.  But, if you enrolled in graduate school in 2028 and were still studying in 2029, we’d simply use your tax returns from 2026, 2027, 2030, 2031 and 2032.

In addition to graduate school, other activities we’ll be happy to pause your coverage for include religious missionary service, Teach for America, Military Service and the Peace Corps.  These activities are highly additive to you, your career and the society we all live in.  We have built Degree Insurance so that there’s no disincentive to participating in these types of service.

There are a few things you could do that would eliminate your eligibility for claims.

  1. Take a job overseas.  We simply don’t have sufficient data to predict local job market economics on a global scale.
  2. Take more than 1% equity in a company.  A student making a long-term bet on themselves with a startup cannot have their short-term salaries subsidizes by our policy.
  3. Losing your eligibility to work in the United States.  Our coverages are predicated on your ability to earn.

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