Elected Officials

Defending the American Taxpayer

We’re building a private sector solution to a problem most often associated with the public markets and working to ensure that everyone who takes out Federal Student Loans has the means to repay them.  Together we can reduce the default rate on federal student loans.

Social Justice & Equality

Chronically disadvantaged students stand to benefit the most when you raise the floor of outcomes for all students. By providing the same benefits to every graduate, regardless of race or gender, we are working to ensure that graduates with the same degree get the same pay. We sometimes call this Equal Pay for Equal Study.

Let's Collaborate

We are stronger together.  Our product is not simply good for students, universities and for us.  It is good for society as a whole.  We help students understand the impact of their decision to attend college, where they go and what they study.  With quick action we can help save colleges at risk of insolvency as a result of COVID-19 and the reduced demand among college prepared students.  For instance, we have publicly advocated for $100 million in support to provide Degree Insurance to HBCUs – institutions critical to the fiber of American higher education.  With 80% of black judges and 50% of black doctors and lawyers (including our Vice President) graduating an HBCU these institutions are a keystone of promoting social justice in America.  For ~$100 million we could guarantee the outcomes of every new student to enroll at an HBCU anywhere in America this year.  This would increase enrollments, plugging budget holes for those colleges, and putting a generation of students on a path to a certain future.

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