Working Together For Everyone's Benefit

Degree Insurance is domiciled in Illinois, where we have worked with CJ Metcalf and the insurance innovation team.  We are grateful for their guidance and support as we worked to bring this novel insurance product to market.  One of the key takeaways of working with their team has been an immense respect for the expertise of regulators and importance of our working hand in hand to bring this innovation to light.

Expansion Efforts

Following the issuance of our COA by Illinois in August 2020, we submitted foreign admission applications in both Mississippi and Utah in November.  We anticipate filing in as many as 30 states in the next 6 months.  If you are interested in bringing our unique product offering to your state, please reach out.

Let's Collaborate

We are stronger together. Thus, we are open to conversations around how our efforts might serve to amplify yours and vice versa. Please reach out.

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