Our Vision

We see a world where the risks involved in committing four years of your life to higher education are something every American can confidently take on, if they choose to.

Our Mission

We are working to take the risk out of pursuing higher education because we believe for many that a college education is the backbone of their experience with the American Dream. But it can cost too much, the results are uncertain and the benefits often inequitably distributed. We are working to raise the floor of outcomes for *all* students. Insurance can give students the confidence they need to enroll and the grit necessary to persist through to graduation.

What We Look For

We want to work with like minded institutions, think tanks, academics, companies and non-profits who are committed to building a better future for the next generation of students and graduates. We are looking for organizations committed to ensuring that America's graduates are emerging into a brighter future.


Let's Collaborate

We are stronger together. Thus, we are open to conversations around how our efforts might serve to amplify yours and vice versa. Please reach out.

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